Design Ideas for Metal Doors

Metal doors can add a delicate sophistication and charm to your home, while being secure, resilient, and low on maintenance. These are usually used to secure entrances to the garden, add entrances to the fence, on walkways and driveways, etc. Some people also use metal doors for their main entrance to their home.

Metal doors are strong and add another layer of security to your home. However, choosing the right design is vital otherwise your metal door would look out of place and downright ugly. Here are some metal door design ideas for your home.

Traditional and Elaborate

This is one of the most commonly used door designs amongst home owners. Metal is more versatile than wood and significantly more affordable. While adding sophisticated designs to wood is expensive, adding them to metal can be pocket friendly. The traditional designs include arches, filigree like designs, and solid black or metal tone colors.

These designs are great if you want a door that doesn’t clash with the overall architecture. These kinds of designs seem to fit in well with most of the houses you would find in Boston.

Artistic Designs

There are some metal door design ideas out there that are bold and unusual. These definitely stand out and are eye catching. For example, if you add a spider-web design, or a sunburst design, etc, to your metal front door, it’ll definitely draw attention. However, such doors don’t generally fit in with traditional architecture. If your home is more modern looking and has a quirky décor, these adventurous and artsy doors can add interest to your home.

The versatility of metal is such that it can be molded and shaped into hundreds of different designs easily. That allows considerable freedom to pick a design that expresses your individuality.

Modern and Industrial

Metal door design can be used to great effect in contemporary and modern homes. These doors can look sleek and futuristic, or distressed and artistically worn. These doors, again, add interest and can catch people’s eye easily. However, the implementation should be right for these doors to truly shine.

Metal doors are strong and will last for a very long time. While they can form dents, these can be easily repaired. They’re definitely a wise investment to make.